Electricity & Gas Operations

Electricity Operations

SP Group owns and operates Singapore's electricity network, which ranks one of the most reliable among major cities in the world. Based on a benchmarking report in 2020, customers in Singapore experienced an average of 0.15 minute of electricity interruption. We remain committed to keeping the nation’s grid strong for our 1.6 million customers. Our Electricity Operations team carries out rigorous preventive maintenance on our assets island-wide, and monitors and operates the network round-the-clock to provide reliable supply to households, businesses and industries.

Gas Operations

As much as 95 per cent of the gas that is imported into Singapore daily is transported to power plants. Ensuring the reliability of gas supply is a key priority. This critical round-the-clock operation is entrusted to our dedicated Gas Operations team to keep gas demand and supply in check, from the onshore gas receiving facilities for piped natural gas and the distribution gas pipes serving industries and town gas for household and business customers.

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He connects the nation to Singapore's electricity grid

Electricity is crucial to sustaining life, quite literally, as SP PowerGrid (SPPG) Principal Technical Officer Adbul Latiff Muhamed Abdullah would tell you.

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Asset Management and Cable Tunnels

As part of SP Group’s long-term plan to secure reliable and efficient electricity supply for Singapore, we built cross-island underground transmission cable tunnels. Completed in 2019 and spanning 40km around Singapore at a depth of 60 metres below ground (equivalent to a 20-storey building), the tunnels are built to last 120 years. Besides enabling us to better plan for future network requirements, we can install, repair and replace aging assets efficiently, without digging up the roads, which may inconvenience the public. This ensures that Singapore continues to be equipped with optimal electricity supply infrastructure and maintains its position as having one of the best performing electricity networks in the world.​


Asset Sensing and Analytics​

Our Asset Sensing and Analytics specialists keep a close eye on the 12,000 substations and over 28,000km of cables in the grid. They conduct regular health screening of all electrical assets on the network and recommend deeper investigations or treatment when necessary. Condition monitoring provides an additional layer of insurance over scheduled maintenance, making the grid even more reliable.​


Smart Grid Index

The Smart Grid Index (SGI) is a simple and quantifiable framework that measures smartness of power grids globally, in seven key dimensions. The framework assesses proxies of each dimension using publicly available information. The index guides utilities to build smarter grids and deliver better value to customers. From the benchmarking results, best practices can be identified, and shared among peer utilities to drive smart grid advancement.

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