Smart Grid Index

The Smart Grid Index (SGI) is a simple and quantifiable framework that measures smartness of power grids globally, in seven key dimensions.

Notice: Please be informed that there will not be benchmarking publication for 2023. This is to facilitate the review of the SGI framework that has been set since 2018. For further enquiries, please contact us at sgi@spgroup.com.sg

2022 Benchmarking Results

The 2022 SGI benchmarks a total of 94 utilities across 39 countries/markets

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7 dimensions new
key findings
average score by region

In terms of average score, North American utilities continue to lead in smart grid development, European and Asian Pacific utilities are close behind with significant improvement.

maturity level by region

Globally, it is observed that utilities focus on DER integration in recent years.

North American utilities have the highest maturity levels in all dimensions except supply reliability. In addition, a huge improvement in DER Integration of 5.6% has been observed.

Asia Pacific and European utilities have the greatest improvement in Data Analytics (by 3%) and Customer Empowerment & Satisfaction (by 6%) respectively.

average score for energy storage deployment by utilities

Globally, an increasing trend in deploying Energy Storage System is being observed for the past 4 years.

North American utilities have been leading, with significant improvement of 11.1% in year 2022.

average score for AMI development

Besides, AMI deployment has been increasing for utilities in the world, with Asia Pacific leading in this area (73.8%).

best pratices by dimensions

About Smart Grid Index

The Smart Grid Index (SGI) is a simple and quantifiable framework that measures smartness of power grids globally, in seven key dimensions. The framework assesses proxies of each dimension using publicly available information. The index guides utilities to build smarter grids and deliver better value to customers. From the benchmarking results, best practices can be identified, and shared among peer utilities to drive smart grid advancement.


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