Executive Leadership Team

At the helm of the Group is a highly experienced team, responsible for steering the growth and development of SP as a leading utilities group in Asia Pacific, that enables a low-carbon, smart energy future.

  • Stanley Huang

    Group Chief Executive Officer

  • Jimmy Khoo

    Chief Executive Officer, SP PowerGrid

  • Loong Hui Chee

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kenneth Soh

    Chief Human Resource Officer

  • Lim Shih Hsien

    Chief Security Officer

  • Tan Seng Hong

    Head, Infocomm Technology

  • Catherine Teo

    Head, Corporate Services

  • Law Chin Ho

    Chief Executive Officer, SP Services

  • Chang Sau Sheong

    Chief Executive Officer, SP Digital

  • Lena Chia

    Chief Legal Officer | General Counsel

  • Jeanne Cheng

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Wong Chit Sieng

    Chief Corporate Officer

  • Amelia Champion

    Head, Communications

  • Ong Teng Koon

    Head, Regulatory Management