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Operating Singapore's largest electric vehicle charging network

SP Group is building Singapore’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) charging network, delivering accessible, reliable and seamless EV charging experience through our extensive network and enabled by digital technology.​

Anchored upon our experience and capabilities operating a world-class power network, we are a pioneer of EV charging in Singapore. Beginning with the conversion of our vehicle fleet to EVs in 2016, SP was one of the first to offer widescale EV charging to the public in 2018, even before the nationwide push for vehicle electrification. Today, we are working with partners to roll out a pervasive network of charging points to reduce range anxiety and meet Singapore’s EV charging needs.​


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The largest and most extensive public fast-charging network offering highly reliable charging in Singapore

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Catalysing sustainable mobility

SP Group is committed to accelerate Singapore’s transition to sustainable mobility by building Singapore’s largest public EV charging network. We are nurturing a thriving EV ecosystem to support customer-focused innovation, technology and services.

At SP Group, safety and reliability are our top priorities backed by strong power engineering fundamentals. We currently operate the nation’s largest and fastest public EV charging network across retail, commercial, industrial, residential and other public locations.

Join us in shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

What differentiates SP Mobility

Strong focus on reliability

Our hardware and software systems are rigorously tested to ensure our installations are robust and stable to provide a reliable charging experience.

We understand what it takes

We started electrifying SP Group's service vehicles in 2016. This has allowed us first-hand experience of what it takes to provide charging efficiently and seamlessly to an operational fleet.

Highest safety standards

Safety is our highest priority. Our installations comply with TR25 (Technical Reference 25], which is the Singapore standard for EV charging installations. This provides you with a peace of mind and assurance that your charging is carried out safely at all times.

Driving the future of green mobility together​

We are always on the lookout for ways to connect with our customers​ and to forge new partnerships.​

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