Climate Services for Individuals

My Green Credits

By purchasing My Green Credits, you go green by supporting the need for more renewable energy!

On the SP app, you can choose which renewable energy projects you wish to support and decide how green you want to be by selecting the percentage of your monthly electricity consumption - up to 100 per cent - to match with the credits. This will be based on the user's previous utilities bill consumption. The purchase will generate a REC indicating the estimated amount of carbon dioxide emissions the buyer has avoided.

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Help green Singapore by greening your electricity consumption!

In support of going green and the nation's initiatives, SP Group will be donating 15% of proceeds from every purchase of My Green Credits under the OneMillionTrees category to support the NPark's movement.

* Tap or scan QR code to open the SP app.

My Carbon Footprint Calculator

What is a carbon calculator?

My Carbon Footprint is a carbon calculator that helps individuals analyse their emissions and aim to lead a greener lifestyle. This easy-to-use calculator tabulates and track the emissions that results from your daily activities and holiday travels.

Why should we calculate our emissions?

The emissions that results from our daily activities pose a negative impact on the environment  that we live in. Our emissions contribute toclimate change rising temperatures, rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns.Therefore,we need to know our emissions in order to know what we can reduce.

How do I get started?

Click here to calculate your carbon footprint.
Or, track your emissions monthly through the SP app.