Utilities Quick Guide Residential

Before Moving in

Download the SP Utilities App
iOS | Android
Open Utilities Account
Schedule appointment for turn on
Reschedule appointment online
(If applicable)


  • You will receive an SMS notification confirming receipt of your application.
  • You will receive an email and letter confirming appointment date & time after application is successfully processed.
  • Rescheduling of appointments are subject to availability of time slots.

After Moving In

Track Consumption
Submit Meter Readings
Pay Bill
Request Switch to Retailer


  • Please allow 7 business days lead time after opening of account.
  • Regardless of whether you are signing up with a retailer or SP, you would still have to open a utilities account with us.

Moving Out


  • Please allow up to 30 business days to receive your refunded deposit.

Opening Your Residential Utilities Account

Who can apply

Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners with valid documentation aged 18 years and above

Application Channels
Required Documents & Security Deposit

Please bring along the following documents:

  1. Identification documents
  2. Proof of Ownership / Tenancy


Account Activation & Turn-On Appointment
  • Your account will be activated on your preferred date.
  • You may be required to arrange a turn-on appointment during the application. Please allow a 1-week lead time from your application date for your turn-on appointment.
  • For HDB BTO flats: No appointment is required for electricity and water supplies.
  • For resale HDB and other residential properties: A safety inspection will be done on site before your supplies are turned on. Account holders or a representative must be present for turn-on appointments.
  • Gas supply turn-on is done separately by City Energy. After receiving confirmation on your account opening, call 1800 555 1661 to make an appointment.

Managing Your Utilities

Manage your utilities account with the SP app or SP Utilities Portal
  • View and pay your bills
  • Manage and update your personal details
  • Update your billing preference
  • Track and view current and historical utilities consumption
  • Self-help e-services such as refund request, fee waiver, payment arrangement and water leakage appeals
  • Buy at Wholesale Electricity Price#
  • Live Chat^

^ Available only via SP app

# Available only via SP Utilities Portal


Submit Meter Readings

Avoid estimated bills by submitting your meter readings monthly.

  • SP app
  1. Click “Explore” under the homepage, followed by “Meter Reading”.
  2. Follow on-screen instructions.

Other submission methods 

  • SP Utilities Portal
  • Telephony IVR
Paying Your Utilities Bills

Pay your utilities bills via the following convenient methods:

  • PayNow QR on the SP app and SP Utilities Portal
  • Credit card payment on the SP app
  • GIRO 
  • Internet Banking
  • AXS stations
  • 7-11 stores
  • Customer Service Centre
Switching to Another Electricity Provider

You can choose to buy electricity from an electricity retailer that best meets your household needs. Switching can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Check out price plans that retailers are offering.
  • Contact your preferred retailer to better understand the terms and conditions of the offered price plan.
  • Sign up with the retailer.

Your retailer will work with us to facilitate a seamless switch for you. Click here to find out more.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy electricity from the SP Wholesale Electricity Market.

Closing Your Utilities Account

Channels available to close your account
What to note when closing your account
  • Your security deposit will be used to offset the final charges. Any credit balance will be refunded through your preferred method.
  • GIRO arrangement will automatically be terminated after the final charges have been deducted from your GIRO account.
  • For termination of gas supply, City Energy charges a termination fee. Please check with City Energy for more information.