TKG Taekwang Vina’s first large-scale Rooftop Solar Deployment

SP’s Managing Director of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SEA excluding Singapore) Brandon Chia (Right), signing the partnership agreement with Mr Kim Jin Young, CEO of Nuri Flex Vietnam (Left) and Mr Nam Jung Dae, CEO of TKG Taekwang Vina (Centre)

SP Group is partnering South Korean smart grid developer and system integrator NuriFlex to develop and install up to 20 Megawatt-Peak (MWp) of rooftop solar power at three mega factories for TKG Taekwang Vina – a manufacturing leader in Vietnam.

The 20MWp rooftop solar power, which is set to be operational by October 2022, is expected to deliver up to 28,000 Megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity annually. This will provide more than 10 per cent of electricity for the three factories and help TKG Taekwang Vina to offset more than 22,000 tons of carbon emission annually. This project is TKG Taekwang Vina’s first large-scale injection of solar power into its energy mix. In addition, TKG Taekwang Vina will receive all the Renewable Energy Credits such as GHG emission credits generated by the 20MWp rooftop solar system.

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One of the three factory sites that SP Group and NuriFlex will be deploying rooftop solar panels for TKG Taekwang Vina.