Smart Grid Index 2021: A smarter and greener grid


In a year of transformation and growing energy transition, utilities around the globe have deepened their commitment to tackling climate change.

The global Smart Grid Index (SGI) 2021 by SP Group sees utilities speed up plans towards a decarbonised grid. From the increased focus on green energy and steep rise of renewable energy penetration to electric vehicle charging initiatives, the latest index indicates unprecedented levels of commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Globally, 65 per cent of utilities have solar and wind energy contributing more than 10 per cent of system demand, an increase of nine per cent from the previous year. About 45 per cent of utilities are actively enabling the use of electric vehicles through public charging infrastructure.

Into its fourth year, the SGI is a benchmarking tool for key players in the industry to share and drive best practices on smart grid advancement. A total of 86 utilities across 37 countries participated in this year’s indexing exercise.

With the energy transformation picking up pace, this annual Index will play an even bigger role in helping grid operators track their progress as the sector races to meet climate change targets.

For details of the SGI benchmarking findings, visit here