International Women's Day: Priscilla Liu on taking a leap of faith

“I was attracted to how SP Group (SP) made the decision to go into sustainability before it was trendy. The energy industry is complex and there are many uncertainties to consider, so it is quite bold of them to venture into areas like electric vehicle charging and solar energy as a forerunner back then,” says Priscilla Liu, Director of User Experience.

Priscilla believes that purposeful design can nudge behavioural changes and encourage greener lifestyles.

Six years ago, Priscilla was looking for an opportunity to do something more meaningful in her career. Today, she leads a team of User Experience (UX) designers at SP. They are working towards enabling our 1.6 million customers optimise their digital experience on the SP app, visualise the tangible impact of their energy consumption habits and identify behaviours they can change to reduce their carbon footprint.

Beyond the climate change mission, Priscilla also wears the hat of Chairperson for SP Heart Workers committee, where she applies her UX skills to good use for the community. 

“We do ‘user research’ to improve the volunteering activities with each iteration so that colleagues have an overall positive experience and are encouraged to volunteer more.”

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