Green your electricity consumption for a cleaner and healthier world

So, you want to live greener, and in a way that makes a difference to the world we live in. You want to know that your lifestyle choices can make a positive impact – and you need to be able to do it affordably.

SP Group’s newly launched My Green Credits™ may just be the answer.

My Green Credits, a new feature on the SP Utilities app, lets you purchase “green credits” from local and overseas renewable energy projects to counter the carbon emissions from your electricity consumption.

Here are three reasons why you should consider greening your electricity consumption with My Green Credits:

1) Reduce your carbon footprint, your way

With My Green Credits, you get to decide how much of your energy consumption you want to green.

Simply click on the “My Green Credits” feature on the SP Utilities app, select the renewable energy project, then purchase the amount of “green credits”[1] in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

RECs are internationally-recognised instruments that validate the amount of green energy produced from renewable energy sources. When you purchase green credits in the form of RECs, the amount of energy you choose to green is matched by an equivalent amount of energy produced at a verified and credible renewable energy source.

You can also view the approximate reduction in your carbon emissions as a result of the purchase. This means you can measure your actual contribution towards lowering carbon emissions.

Click here to find out how RECs work.

2) Help generate demand for renewable energy

When you purchase RECs, you are creating demand for renewable energy. You are also sending a clear signal to the market that you care about where your energy comes from.

We’ve seen a growing demand for RECs from companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and prioritise their sustainability goals. Studies have shown that more people are buying RECs and supporting the growth of renewable energy projects. With more green energy generated, our reliance on fossil fuels will decrease as a result.

Now Singapore households can do the same, and play their part in creating a low carbon, smart energy Singapore by purchasing My Green Credits.

3) Support local and global green energy projects

With My Green Credits, you can choose to purchase RECs from local or international renewable energy projects.

In Singapore, the government has announced that we are on track to ramp up solar capacity by more than seven times in the next decade. The increased capacity will produce enough solar energy to power up 350,000 households annually[2] by 2030. 

My Green Credits also lets you purchase RECs from green projects beyond Singapore’s borders. This spurs more renewable energy generation to surface globally and brings about social benefits such as job creation and infrastructure development to local communities.

A low carbon future is critical – and SP is committed to making it happen and empowering everyone to do the same.

With My Green Credits, anyone with a utilities account in Singapore can make a difference, conveniently and affordably. 

Purchase My Green Credits on the SP Utilities App here.

[1] The cost of purchasing My Green Credits is in addition to electricity bill charges.