Empowering change

With a staff strength of more than 3,700, how do the People of SP stay connected and build a collaborative culture to achieve synergistic outcomes?

Jennifer ong

We speak to Deputy Director from Finance, Investment Development, Jennifer Ong and Deputy Director of Electricity Operations, Jerome Choong at SP Group (SP). Jerome shares the extent of work behind the scenes that goes towards upholding Singapore’s electricity network reliability, while Jennifer elaborates on SP’s expansion into overseas markets.

What does your job at SP entail?

Jennifer: My team manages investments that support our renewable energy and integrated energy solutions offerings. In my role, I work closely with our China team to assess the profitability and feasibility of overseas projects that can help cities achieve carbon neutrality.

Jerome: I lead a team of more than 50 engineers and technical officers to ensure reliable electricity supply to 1.6 million customers in Singapore. Besides ensuring the health of our electrical assets through monitoring and maintenance works, we also swiftly respond to supply interruptions at any time of the day.

Jennifer Ong team
Deputy Director from Finance, Jennifer Ong (front row, left) with the SP China team.

What is the most exciting aspect of your role?

Jennifer: Venturing into unfamiliar territories and creating value for customers. We are at an exciting phase of energy transformation where SP plays a key role in shaping a low-carbon energy future. In the last three years, we have reduced more than 780,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s equivalent to removing more than 700,000 cars off the road for a year!

Jerome: As first responders, we need to think on our feet and rectify faults quickly before restoring supply from the grid. We have high standards of network performance to uphold. Based on the 2022 System Average Interruption Duration Index, a customer in Singapore experienced an average of only 11 seconds of electricity interruption in that year. I also enjoy training and coaching new team members, sharing with them expertise and knowledge that has been built through SP’s years of experience and track record!

Jerome Choong
Deputy Director from Electricity Operations, Jerome Choong, with his team at a substation.

Can you share one memorable experience from your time with SP Group?

Jennifer: Before joining the Investment Development team, I was involved in securing the contract for Singapore’s first large-scale smart water meter programme for PUB in 2021. We faced intense competition and challenges during the process. There were many late-night calls with counterparts, but everyone pushed on with grit and determination. All that hard work paid off when we won the tender!

Jerome: There are quite a few as we supported some of the high profile national-level events. These include the Youth Olympic Games, Trump-Kim Summit and Singapore’s General and Presidential Elections! We feel a strong sense of pride as the nation’s grid operator, responsible for keeping the lights on.

What are the skills needed to excel in your job?

Jennifer: Besides having a good foundation in corporate finance and investment, proficiency in Mandarin helps as we are expanding into the China market. Knowing how the Chinese market works is a big plus, too!

Jerome: Besides problem-solving skills, we need to be strong team players. The complexity of our grid requires a collective effort to maintain world-class standards. We also collaborate with colleagues managing sustainability solutions to integrate renewable energy in our grid in a secure and optimal manner.


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