Charging Up a Cleaner Energy Future

Olivia Oo, Director of SP Group's Mobility team, at one of SP’s electric vehicle charging stations.

Observe Olivia Oo and you will notice the ease with which she switches between handling commercial engagements and making operational decisions. The Director of SP Group's Mobility team is an electrical engineering graduate turned business intrapreneur.

In her previous role at the Economic Development Board, Olivia had been involved in designing and implementing Singapore’s clean energy strategy. She now enjoys rolling up her sleeves to bring clean energy initiatives to life and unlocking new SP business offerings for customers.

With the Budget 2020 announcement to phase out fuel-powered vehicles and the installation of 28,000 charging points by 2030, she believes that more car owners will seek to convert to greener vehicles and enjoy cost savings. This is also fuelled by advances in energy storage and the push by many global cities to lower their carbon footprint. Globally, EVs are expected to account for 57 percent of all passenger car sales, and over 30 per cent of the global passenger vehicle fleet will be electric[1].

Details of SP’s EV charging points can be found in SP Utilities app.

Olivia is focused on expanding the EV charging network, enhancing operational efficiencies and strengthening customer engagement. She likens her role to that of a founder of a start-up who has to constantly think about the broader strategy and direction for the business while managing day-to-day, but no less critical, aspects like technical operations, customer service, installation, testing and commissioning.  In this respect, she is very thankful to have a capable team, pioneering what they believe is the future of transportation in Singapore.

Technical Officers Teddy Ling (left) and Neo Kai Neng carrying out maintenance work on an EV charger.

“Electric mobility is the future and here to stay. The team understands our duty is in laying the groundwork for a cleaner future for Singapore. Increasing access island-wide to EV charging infrastructure and fast charging is the precursor to encouraging more people to adopt EVs in their daily lives,” says Olivia.

Click here to watch Olivia, as she joins 11-year-old Oliver Chua - a budding climate change activist - on an adventure to learn how Singapore is on track to join the world in reducing carbon emissions.

— 26 May 2020

[1] Source: Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance