Calculate Your Carbon Footprint, Here’s Why it Matters

Countries are experiencing cleaner skies due to slowdown in air travel during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought air travel almost to a halt since the start of this year. As countries begin to ease air travel restrictions, many local residents may be looking forward to a much-needed getaway to their favourite vacation spots.

According to a Guardian article in 2019, a long-haul flight emits more carbon emissions than the total emissions produced in a year by the citizens of some countries[1].

Besides air travel, there has been a huge surge in single-use plastics. Based on a TODAY Online report, an extra 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste was generated from takeaway and delivery meals in Singapore, during the Circuit Breaker period[2]. This is equivalent to the weight of 92 double-decker buses! Of all the plastic waste generated last year, ninety-six per cent was incinerated[3]. Around 3 per cent of our total greenhouse gas emissions were generated from the waste incineration process in Singapore[4].

So, how can individuals track and reduce their carbon emissions? SP Group (SP) has developed a carbon footprint

calculator, which anyone can use to track the impact of daily activities and lifestyle.

My Carbon Footprint enables consumers to keep tabs on the environmental impact of their energy consumption and lifestyle choices.

Called My Carbon Footprint, this new feature in the SP Utilities app enables users to calculate their carbon emissions and the results are referenced against the national average. These projections are based on local data such as food consumption, driving conditions and air travel originating from Singapore. The calculator also draws its projection from common lifestyle and spending habits in Singapore, such as purchase of clothing and footwear, recreational activities or communication, to name a few.

Most importantly, the calculator provides practical tips on reducing carbon footprint.

My Carbon Footprint is the latest feature in the app, which also equips users to monitor and reduce their energy consumption.

The SP Utilities app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To directly access the calculator, click here.

— 27 August 2020