Building Singapore’s Largest Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network


SP Group will build Singapore’s largest public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network, with 500 charging points to be available nation-wide by 2020. The charging points will be conveniently situated at locations such as shopping malls, residential areas, business parks and industrial sites. The first batch of 30 charging points will be in operation by end 2018.

This pervasive charging network will plug a critical gap in scaling up EV adoption in Singapore by reducing range anxiety in EV drivers.

SP Group’s EV charging network comprises both AC and DC chargers, with power ratings ranging from 22kW to 50kW – more than three to seven times the average speed of existing chargers available. Of the 500 charging points, SP will install more than 100 50kW-DC charging points – a fast charge technology that can fully charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes.

— 28 June 2018

Watch this space to find out more.

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