Empowering talent

With a staff strength of more than 3,700, how do the People of SP stay connected and build a collaborative culture to achieve synergistic outcomes?

Benjamin Festin and Muhammad Ariff Bin Ramli SP Group

We speak to Benjamin Festin, Vice President of Human Resource and Muhammad Ariff Bin Ramli, Technical Officer from Gas Operations at SP Group (SP). Benjamin describes how SP is constantly designing programmes for employees to grow and upskill, while Ariff shares how he feels empowered to assume greater responsibilities in his job role.

What are your responsibilities at SP Group?

Benjamin (B): I lead the talent development unit in the Human Resource department at SP. We are constantly on the lookout for people with diverse and unique skills who can contribute to the organisation’s rapid expansion locally and in the region. To build a strong and committed team, we ensure our workforce is equipped with current and future-ready capabilities, stay relevant and help groom our next generation of leaders. We invest in our staff’s professional growth, through training and development programmes. I also enjoy the role I double-hat in, as Chairman of the ReCharge Committee. Our team organises a range of activities to enhance and enrich staff well-being, such as sports, recreation, wellness and even our company’s Family Day!

Ariff (A): I am part of the Gas Operations team that renews gas pipes for residential and commercial projects to ensure reliable gas supply for customers’ daily needs. We work closely with authorities and contractors, often completing projects within a tight timeline. An example would be a tunnelling project where we had to use a special digging machine at 30 meters beneath ground level to pave the way for laying of gas pipes. A key motivator for me is knowing that what I do impacts the daily lives of people in Singapore.  

What’s one memorable work experience you’ve had?

B: During the Covid-19 pandemic I was touched to witness the selflessness of our colleagues. They continued to carry out their work and endure long hours in hot protective gear to ensure critical services continue to be made available. I developed a newfound respect for our colleagues working on power grid services!

Muhammad Ariff Gas Operations SP Group
Muhammad Ariff Bin Ramli (in yellow outfit), with contractors working on commissioning works during the pandemic.

A: When most people could work from home during the pandemic to keep safe, our team and the contractors continued to expedite urgent gas renewal works. This was a particularly challenging as the daily rise in infection cases affected the number of workers available for work. Looking back, I am so proud we managed to push through during that period.

What would you say to people considering a career at SP?

Benjamin Festin SP Group Human Resource
Benjamin Festin (third from left) with the ReCharge committee at the SP Fun Walk 2023.

B: It’s an exciting time to join us as we are expanding our presence in Singapore and the region. If you’re looking for a role that allows you to play a part in securing Singapore’s energy future, consider SP! We also play an active role in social and community service, with outreach programmes growing from strength to strength catering to seniors, kids and youth, that YOU can be part of.

Ariff: We are always encouraged to upgrade ourselves with easy access to a variety of courses to prepare us for future challenges and demands. The team spirit is also high. It’s like working in a big family where we always have each other’s back!


Find out more about our career opportunities here: spgrp.sg/3sbjyJ6