We invest in infrastructure, technology and manpower, and make long-term plans to renew aging assets, so that we can continue to provide our customers with efficient and reliable power supply.

Going underground to optimise space and enhance security
SP Group is constructing the first large-scale underground substation in Southeast Asia. Located at Labrador, SP will build its 230kV electrical substation underground to optimise space in land-scarce Singapore.
Pushing boundaries to impact future generations
Managing high voltage equipment is all in a day’s work for our senior engineer Tan Jie Yi.
Best-in-class customer experience, with a personal touch
Jacqueline Chew gives us a glimpse into her work as the Head of Customer Care and mother to two 6-year old twins.
All charged up for a career in engineering
Executive Engineer Lim Kai Herng shares his unwavering focus on keeping Singapore lit.