We build digital, innovative solutions in-house to meet the demands of an ever-changing industrial landscape. We team up with strategic partners to develop new ideas to help our customers.

Using GET™ to help Mercatus digitally manage their tenant utilities
SP Group is partnering Mercatus Co-operative Limited to deploy SP Digital’s Green Energy Tech (GET™) solutions to Mercatus’ properties.
Developing the digital core of sustainable energy solutions
From coding to designing systems, Ibrahim develops and manages all the central platforms and systems that power the SP Utilities app, commercial solutions, and internal projects for SP.
SP Group awarded BCA grant to power next-gen green buildings
SP Group (SP) was awarded a grant by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to develop and implement technologies and digital solutions to push the limits of buildings’ energy efficiency standards.
SP Group to roll out Singapore’s first large-scale smart water metering system
SP Group will roll out Singapore’s first large-scale smart water metering project following the award by National Water Agency PUB to supply, install and manage some 300,000 smart water meters across seven locations island-wide.