SP Cools Outdoor Food Fiesta


With temperatures at a high of 33 degree Celsius, Nathasha Azman was relieved to spot SP Group’s outdoor coolers in Food Fiesta 2019 at Bayfront Avenue.

Like many others, Nathasha was “chilling” near the outdoor coolers. Each unit can lower surrounding temperatures to around 24 degree Celsius, much like enjoying air-conditioning outdoors. In the hot and humid climate of Singapore, this provided a huge respite for many a visitor to Food Fiesta.

The cooling technique taps on the world’s largest underground district cooling network, located at Marina Bay and operated by SP Group. The outdoor cooling solution delivers temperatures lower than that of cool mist of ventilation fans. Air blown out is also comfortably dryer than evaporative air coolers. 

SP Group’s outdoor cooling solution has unlocked the potential for urban spaces in many ways. Aside from al fresco dining, visitors to the area were spotted playing outdoor games and taking naps in the hammocks provided.

“It is a good idea to have outdoor cooling. We should have more of them in different spots so that we can walk around more comfortably, as it is less hot,” suggested Ivy Chew, another visitor to Food Fiesta.

— 29 April 2019