Paving the way for greater EV adoption with vehicle-to-grid integration


SP Group is starting a first-in-Southeast Asia trial of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration, using four V2G charging points at SP’s premises. The trial seeks to test and verify the possibility of tapping energy stored in electric vehicles (EVs) to enhance grid reliability when Singapore phases out Internal Combustion Engine vehicles by 2040.

V2G technology allows a two-way energy transfer between the batteries within an EV and the power grid. With V2G technology, the EV can be charged with energy from the grid and store this energy in its batteries. When renewable energy sources such as solar power fluctuate due to weather conditions, V2G enables the EV batteries to transfer energy back to balance the power grid.  The trial is targeted to be completed by June 2022.

If V2G integration is proven to be viable, it can benefit the electricity system, acting as a cost-effective solution to overcome intermittency. At the same time, EV owners can be paid for use of the EV batteries when needed.