Launch of My Green Credits for a Low-carbon, Smart Energy Singapore

SP has launched My Green CreditsTM on the SP Utilities app, to enable everyone to contribute to a low-carbon, smart energy Singapore.

With My Green Credits, anyone with a utilities account can purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to counter the impact of their electricity consumption in a convenient, affordable and secure way. There is a choice to “green” any amount from zero to 100 per cent of monthly electricity consumption, at the click of a button.

As part of our commitment to create a low-carbon future, SP is covering 100 per cent of the electricity consumption at our Kallang HQ with RECs.

Group CEO Stanley Huang said: “Many in Singapore are keen to make green practices part of their everyday life. However, they may be deterred by relatively high costs and the lack of easy access to green sources on a sustained basis. With My Green Credits, everyone can counter the impact of their electricity consumption and create a low-carbon, smart energy Singapore. We are putting the green power back in the consumer’s hands, in a convenient, affordable and secure way.”

Head of Sustainability and Innovation, May Liew, added, “Sustainability is more than a buzz word – based on our observations and interactions with people around us, there is a high level of environmental consciousness to do our part to protect our planet.  With My Green Credits, we are empowering consumers to take that step towards making sustainability a way of life.”

My Green Credits is jointly developed by our Sustainable Energy Solutions and SP Digital teams. They have designed a simple journey for anyone who wishes to “green” their electricity consumption:


For more information on My Green Credits, contact the team at

— 2 October 2020