Going Green while Staying at Home with My Carbon Footprint


Each of us can actively reduce the harmful effects of global warming and combat climate change. SP has launched its Carbon Footprint calculator - My Carbon Footprint, available now on the SP Utilities App.  The upgraded calculator promotes behaviour and lifestyle changes to reduce carbon emissions through greater awareness of the environmental impact from everyday habits such as transportation, use of electrical appliances and even food consumption.

Designed and built in-house, My Carbon Footprint comes with additional features from the original version that was launched in December. Users can now track their emissions from not just electricity, but also from water and gas. They can also calculate the total amount of carbon emissions of their daily activities, according to their household profile, mode and duration of commute, frequency of holiday travel, as well as spending and dining habits.

This is useful especially with a Singapore household consuming an average of seven per cent more electricity during the months of April to August, due to the hotter months when there is higher usage of air conditioning. With an increase of people staying at home, it also points to higher electricity and water consumption.

On average, a consumer in Singapore emits more than eight tonnes of carbon emissions annually due to their lifestyle and consumption patterns. More than 400 rain trees are required to absorb this impact on the environment.

What’s your carbon footprint?  Download the SP Utilities app and find out now!

—  5 May 2020