Decarbonising Singapore one solar panel at a time

Harvesting the sun’s energy is not just a matter of mounting solar panels on any available space. In land-scarce Singapore, rooftops may not always be designed to house solar panels. The space also has to be large enough for an efficiently scaled operation.


SP Group’s Principal Engineer Xcel Lai is excited about the prospect of unlocking the viability of solar energy in Singapore.

“Carbon neutrality is an achievable goal and Singapore is moving decisively towards this. It is only a question of how fast we are able to transition. This is where my colleagues and I at SP have a chance at making a meaningful contribution to our industry and the planet. While the path to net-zero is an uphill task, we hope to be part of the solution that reduces the pollution, metaphorically speaking.”

Read how Xcel and his colleagues are helping the nation achieve decarbonisation one solar panel at a time here: