Building Southeast Asia’s largest EV charging hub with Surbana Jurong

Photo: Safdie Surbana Jurong

SP Group (SP) is partnering Surbana Jurong to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points at Surbana Jurong Campus. The campus, which is Surbana Jurong’s new global headquarters at the Jurong Innovation District, will eventually allow up to 250 drivers to park and charge their vehicles at a time.

When completed, the on-campus EV charging hub is expected to be the largest in Southeast Asia. At launch, Surbana Jurong and SP will install a mix of nine fast and slow charging points and ramp up to 36 charging points within the next 18 months. Upon completion of the initial 36 charging points, the two parties have agreed to progress the installation of more chargers in tandem with market demand for electric vehicles. Making potentially 250 parking lots at Surbana Jurong Campus EV-ready involves building the required electrical infrastructure at the outset, with a view to a 100% EV future.

To charge, EV drivers simply need to download the SP app. This will enable them to seamlessly locate the nearest available charging point, charge, track the charging progress and make payment. SP operates Singapore’s largest public fast-charging EV network with over 500 charging points across more than 100 locations, including shopping malls, commercial buildings, business parks, industrial sites, residential and attractions islandwide.

Read more in the media release here.