A Greener, Cooler World

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In our tropical climate, keeping cool is an important part of enjoying a better quality of life. You can beat the heat while keeping your energy consumption low.

In an average building, around 50 per cent of energy usage powers air-conditioning alone. SP Group’s underground district cooling network provides chilled water for air-conditioning of several buildings at Marina Bay. Compared to conventional air-conditioning, our district cooling customers can save up to 40 per cent on their energy consumption.

At National Day Parade 2017, segments of spectators were the first to enjoy cool air comfort outdoors. This was made possible through an innovation that builds on SP’s district cooling network. This outdoor cooling system saves 90 per cent in energy consumption compared to conventional air-conditioning.

It is a game-changing solution that unlocks the potential of urban spaces in land-scarce Singapore.

SP Group’s district cooling system at Marina Bay.