Helping Consumers Change and Save

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The electricity market is opening up to all residential customers in 2018. They can choose the electricity provider and price plan that best suit their lifestyle and needs. SP Group will help them make the switch seamlessly.

Customers can also choose to remain with SP Group. They can buy electricity from the Wholesale Electricity Market or continue at the regulated tariff. Buying from the wholesale market is a new option where customers pay the prevailing electricity market prices based on demand and supply.

Regardless of their choice, SP Group will help customers change and save. They can connect with us through our phone hotline, website, customer service centres or chat ‘live’ with our agents on the SP Utilities mobile application.

Since 2001, SP Group has been supporting the Energy Market Authority (EMA) in progressively opening the retail electricity market to competition. We will continue to operate the national power grid so consumers can enjoy the same reliable and efficient electricity supply, regardless of their choice of retailer.

— 30 May 2018

Watch this video to find out more about the transmission cable tunnel project.

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