We are committed to helping our customers save energy and cost. To achieve this, we are tapping on innovation solutions, coupled with the use of renewables and energy storage solutions, to power a greener tomorrow.

Marina Bay district cooling network to be expanded with new partnerships
SP Group (SP) will be expanding its Marina Bay District Cooling Network with the addition of five upcoming developments.
Tampines Central to be powered by sustainable distributed district cooling
Tampines will be Singapore’s first town centre to be retrofitted with an interconnected, sustainable cooling solution designed by SP Group.
Expanding Our Rooftop Solar Portfolio in Vietnam
SP Group and CJ OliveNetworks Vina Co. announced a partnership to boost Vietnam’s clean energy transformation through the development of rooftop solar projects.
Smart Grid Index 2021: A smarter and greener grid
The global Smart Grid Index (SGI) 2021 by SP Group sees utilities speed up plans towards a decarbonised grid.