Always Here for You

Life should be free of interruption. But when it happens, we know what it means for you to have things back to normal without delay.

Our officers stand by 24/7 to respond immediately, should electricity or gas supply be disrupted, regardless of the cause. Our priority is always to restore supply as safely and quickly as possible so that inconvenience to customers is minimised.

Singapore’s power network is ranked one of the most reliable in the world. In 2016/17, customers experienced an average of 0.25 minute of electricity interruption. That year, 98 per cent of all electricity interruptions were restored within just 2 hours, and 90 per cent in an hour.

Our officers stand by at major events, like National Day Parade 2017, to ensure reliable power supply.

Our engineers working on the cross-island Transmission Cable Tunnel project, which offers a cost-effective long-term solution for reliable electricity supply in Singapore.

Restoration Time
(in 2016)

System Average Interruption Duration Index

Customers experienced an average of 0.25 minute of electricity interruption in 2016/17.
Source: DNV.GL

Electricity Network Performance Benchmarking
System Average Interruption Duration Index 2016 (in minutes)

Customers in Singapore experienced 0.56 minute of electricity interruption in 2015/16, compared to an average of 10.19 minutes in top 5 performing cities.
Source: DNV.GL Grid Price and Performance Benchmarking Report 2016

We continually monitor, maintain and renew our infrastructure, with the latest techniques and technology, to meet the nation’s growing power needs and ensure long-term reliability and efficiency. We have systems in place to detect and avert abnormalities as much as possible. 

We are building capabilities today, to power the lives of generations to come.

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