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Billing & Retail

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Billing / Utilities Account Enquiries

1800 222 2333

Open Electricity Market Enquiries

1800 233 8000

Gas Installation Appointments

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1800 555 1661

Customer Service Centre


490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #09-11  

HDB Hub Biz Three Lift Lobby 1

Singapore 310490


Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri (8:30am to 6pm)

Sat (8:30am to 1pm)

Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

Note: Issuance of queue tickets ends at 5pm on weekdays and 12pm on Saturdays.

District Cooling & Heating

Singapore District Cooling Enquries

Electric Vehicle Solutions

EV Charging Solutions Enquiries

6916 7799

Electricity, Gas & Solar Power

Electricity Supply Interruption

Electricity Service Centre
(24-Hour Hotline)

1800 778 8888

Gas Emergency Hotline

1800 752 1800

Water Supply Interruption, Quality & Pressure Issues

Public Utilities Board (24-Hour Hotline)

1800 225 5782

Worksite, Equipment or Service Quality Issues

Solar PV Enquiries

Replacement of Gas Meters

+65 6671 7109

Licensed Electrical Workers

Purchase of Electricity Cable / Gas Pipe Plans

+65 6916 5022

Installation / Replacement of Electrical Meters

+65 6916 8555
+65 6671 7107

Endorsement of Substation Drawings

+65 6916 8557 (East)
+65 6916 8679 (West)

Procurement of Transmission & Distribution Equipment & Cables

+65 6916 8538

Technical Matters on Transmission & Distribution Equipment & Cables

Search for Licensed Electrical Workers

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Notice for Commencement of Earthworks/ Registered Excavator Operator/Registered Earthworks Supervisor Applications

+65 6916 5021


To reach Singapore Institute of Power and Gas for enquiries on training courses, you can email


To reach the SP Group Procurement team for enquiries on current/upcoming tender opportunities or technical support for the Supplier Relationship Management System, you can call +65 6916 8839 or email


To reach the SP Group Human Resource team for enquiries on job opportunities, scholarships or internships, you can email

Media Contacts

For media related enquiries, please write to us here.

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