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SP Group renews commitment to nurture early literacy for KidSTART children with donation of S$1.1 million


New initiatives KidSTART Sea Adventure and KidSTART Stories will nurture reading habits

KidSTART Sea Adventures Cheque Presentation [From left to right] Mr Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group, MOS Sun Xueling, Mr Chew Sutat, Vice Chairman, Community Chest, Mdm Rahayu Buang, CEO, KidSTART Singapore Limited
KidSTART Sea Adventures Cheque Presentation [From left to right] Mr Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group, MOS Sun Xueling, Mr Chew Sutat, Vice Chairman, Community Chest, Mdm Rahayu Buang, CEO, KidSTART Singapore Limited

Singapore, 21 June 2022 - SP Group (SP) has reaffirmed its commitment to KidSTART for a second year with a fresh injection of S$1.1 million donation to meet the learning and developmental needs of children from low-income families. SP Kids at Heart, which supports causes for children from vulnerable backgrounds, is continuing its partnership with KidSTART Singapore, the nationwide programme for early childhood support, to give every child a good start in life.

Expanding on the initial S$1million SP donated last year, which benefitted over 2,000 KidSTART children, this year’s donation will provide 3,000 children and their families with new programmes that focus on strengthening parent-child interactions. These include the KidSTART Sea Adventures interactive play and the upcoming KidSTART Stories to nurture reading habits and early literacy among the children. The new initiative is on top of existing forms of assistance that SP Group has been providing, such as learning resources and IT tools for child developmental needs and financial support to address urgent essential needs.

SP’s staff volunteers, known as SP Heart Workers, have been packing and delivering the tools and resources to each child and will continue to do so with the items purchased with SP’s donations this year.

KidSTART mother of five children, Madam Roziana Binte Ramli used to have to sit with her children at the common corridor and sought permission from neighbours to share their internet access for the children’s online learning. With the sponsored IT tools, her children can now attend online programmes and learn in the comfort of their home. Another KidSTART caregiver, Mdm Moey Choy Yin also benefited from SP Group’s sponsorship as it allowed her grandchildren to participate in engaging activities online, such as storytelling. Being a caregiver of a six-year-old child and two older children with developmental issues, the IT support helped the children participate in useful learning activities beyond school.

KidSTART and SP launched the new initiative today at Aliwal Arts Centre - the first KidSTART Sea Adventures, with 30 KidSTART families enjoying the interactive production, soaking up the pre-show activities such as making sea-themed head gears, hand puppetry, lanterns and even dressing up as sea creatures at the photobooths, facilitated by SP Heart Workers. The event was graced by Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Group CEO of SP Group, Stanley Huang said, “Through our fruitful partnership with KidSTART, we are heartened that children from low-income families can benefit from quality learning in their formative years. SP Group has been pleased to contribute towards resources, digital tools and activities to enrich their development journey. We look forward to extending more support this year, through SP’s funding and volunteering with children in programmes that are engaging, educational and fun for the whole family.”

Madam Rahayu Buang, Chief Executive Officer, KidSTART Singapore said, “KidSTART is happy to reaffirm our partnership with SP Group, and we are very grateful for their sustained and generous support which enables us to continue empowering families. With KidSTART expanding its reach nationwide, we are glad to work together with SP Group on new and fun initiatives that support children’s development.”

SP’s S$1.1 million donation will be administered by Community Chest to support the above KidSTART programmes.

The event images can be found here, and for more information, please visit the KidSTART website here.