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SP Group Partners State Grid Chongqing Integrated Energy Service to Develop Greener and Smarter Buildings


Singapore, 17 March 2021 – SP Group (SP) and State Grid Chongqing Integrated Energy Service signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today, to jointly develop integrated energy projects that deliver smart, efficient energy management solutions to meet the evolving operational needs and green targets of customers in Chongqing, China.

The signing was witnessed by SP’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stanley Huang, and State Grid Chongqing’s Chairman, Mr Chen Liankai.

State Grid Chongqing Integrated Energy Service, a subsidiary co-owned by State Grid Integrated Energy Service Group and State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company, is responsible for advancing investments, innovation and implementation of energy-efficient solutions and technology through research, building and operational management of energy storage, renewable energy and electricity distribution network projects. The company aims to reduce the cost of energy supply, improve the efficiency of energy utilisation and provide customers with a comprehensive suite of clean energy solutions.

SP’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stanley Huang, said, “Through our partnership with State Grid Chongqing, we will leverage our combined resources, strengths and domain knowledge to develop sustainable energy solutions customised for customers in China. Chongqing is a key economic, trade and financial city in China and one of strategic importance to us. We are committed to help the city achieve its carbon emissions targets and meet increasingly sophisticated operational demands on its buildings.”

State Grid Chongqing’s Chairman, Mr Chen Liankai, said, “State Grid Chongqing Integrated Energy Services is a key platform for State Grid Chongqing to implement its mandate to build world-class smart grid enterprises. Our objective is to support the city in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and building a better future based on sustainable growth. We value this partnership with SP given its strong footprint in Chongqing, and the success of Raffles City Chongqing’s energy-efficient cooling and heating system. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to drive innovation and capabilities towards carbon neutrality.”

In Chongqing, SP Group invested, designed, and operates Raffles City Chongqing’s energyefficient cooling and heating system since 2019 to deliver energy savings for the customer. In January 2021, SP Group also acquired a 40 per cent stake in Chongqing Sino-French Energy Services which expanded the Group’s capabilities into Combined Cooling Heating and Power offerings for Chongqing. SP Group currently has three offices in China (Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing), with its China headquarters located in Shanghai.


About SP Group

SP Group is a leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific, enabling a low-carbon, smart energy future for its customers. It owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia, and sustainable energy solutions in Singapore and China.

As Singapore’s national grid operator, about 1.6 million industrial, commercial and residential customers benefit from its world-class transmission, distribution and market support services. These networks are amongst the most reliable and cost-effective world-wide.

Beyond traditional utilities services, SP Group provides a suite of sustainable energy solutions such as cooling and heating systems for business districts and residential townships, electric vehicle fast charging and green digital energy management tools for customers in Singapore and the region.

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新加坡能源集团与国网重庆综合能源服务有限公司 共同开发绿色智能建筑,助力加速碳中和

2021 年 3 月 17 日,新加坡能源集团与国网重庆综合能源服务有限公司签署战略合作框架协议 (MoU),共同开发可提供智能、高效能源管理和助力加速碳中和的综合能源项目,以满足中国 重庆客户的复杂运营需求,协助客户实现绿色低碳目标。

新加坡能源集团总裁黄天源先生和国网重庆市电力公司董事长陈连凯先生见证了战略合作框架协 议签署仪式。

国网重庆综合能源服务有限公司主要经营节能技术推广、节能方案设计、节能项目投资,以及储 能、新能源、配电网项目的研发、建设和运营。该公司旨在降低能源供应成本、提高能源使用效 率,并为客户提供一套全面的洁净能源解决方案。

新加坡能源集团总裁黄天源先生表示:“我们期待与国网重庆综合能源服务有限公司合作,以此 为契机,利用我们的综合资源、优势和专业知识,为国内市场开发可持续能源解决方案。重庆是 中国西南地区最大的工商业城市,也是新加坡能源集团在中国市场开发的重点城市之一。我们将 深化合作,联手为客户提供高效节能的能源解决方案,助力加速碳中和进程。”

国网重庆市电力公司董事长陈连凯先生表示:“国网重庆综合能源服务有限公司是国网重庆市电 力公司推动国家电网有限公司‘建设具有中国特色国际领先的能源互联网企业’战略落地的重要 平台,致力于服务重庆地区节能减排、绿色发展和人民美好生活。新加坡能源集团在重庆成功实 践了来福士广场能源系统等项目,彰显了世界一流的节能技术和服务水平。希望合作双方携手同 心,充分发挥各自资源优势,深耕重庆综合能源服务市场,共同探索并早日实现‘碳达峰、碳中 和’的新路径。”

在重庆,新加波能源集团(SP)为重庆朝天门来福士广场投资、设计、建设和运营集中供冷供热 系统。自 2019 年投运以来,集团始终为客户提供优质高效的服务。同时,集团在 2021 年 1 月收购 4 了中国重庆的中法能源服务有限公司(SFES)40%的股份,从而提升了可为重庆提供冷热电三联 供方案的运营能力。



新加坡能源集团是亚太地区一家主要的能源公司,为客户提供迎合未来需求的低碳、智慧能源方 案。新加坡能源集团在新加坡和澳大利亚拥有并运营电力与燃气的输配和经销事业,并在新加坡 和中国推行永续能源方案。作为新加坡国家电网经营者,新加坡能源集团为大约 160 万新加坡工 业、商业和住宅客户提供世界级的电力与燃气的输配、分销和市场支持服务。我们的电网是全球 最可靠、最具成本效益的网络之一。除了传统的能源服务,新加坡能源集团也为新加坡和区域客 户,提供一系列可持续能源方案,例如提供商业区域和城镇住宅供冷供热系统、电动车快速充电 和数字环保能源管理工具。 更多信息请访问 或在领英 和推特 Twitter @SPGroupSG 上关注我们。