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SP Group Partners Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City to Develop Energy-Saving Solutions


Singapore & China, 31 August 2020 – SP Group (SP) today signed an agreement with the SinoSingapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Investment and Development Co. Ltd (GKC Co) to establish a joint venture (SP-GKC JV Co) to develop district cooling, heating and integrated energy solutions that will help the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC) to achieve energy savings.

The joint venture agreement was signed by SP’s Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Stanley Huang and GKC Co’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Chen Changxin at the 11th Singapore-Guangdong Collaboration Council (SGCC) meeting. The meeting, held over video conference in Guangzhou and Singapore, was co-chaired by Guangdong Governor Mr Ma Xingrui and Singapore’s Transport Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung.

As part of the agreement, SP and GKC Co are working together to develop district cooling and heating solutions for the Knowledge Tower at the Jiulong Lake area in GKC. Leveraging the technology and SP’s experience in the energy industry, both parties will also focus on integrating sustainable energy solutions such as distributed energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and energy management systems.

In the next phase of development, these solutions could be extended to other projects in the SinoSingapore International Technology Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Area within CSGKC, to enable more customers to enjoy substantial energy and cost savings. This will translate to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for CSGKC and Guangzhou city.

Mr Stanley Huang, Group Chief Executive Officer of SP Group said: “Our technology and operations at Raffles City Chongqing and Singapore’s Marina Bay have helped customers achieve cost savings and reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent. Through this partnership with CSGKC, SP Group looks forward to supporting China’s goal to build an ecological civilisation and Beautiful China1 , with our smart and sustainable energy solutions. Together, we aim to enable customers in China to enjoy a sustainable, low-carbon future.”

Mr. Chen Changxin, CEO of GKC Co said: "As an important platform for China-Singapore collaboration, GKC Co has started the exchanges and cooperation with SP Group since the ground-breaking of GKC. This year marks the 30th anniversary of China-Singapore diplomacy and the 10th anniversary of GKC, it is a milestone for us to jointly establish a joint venture to develop the smart energy business. Based on the principle of “government-supported, enterprise-led, market-driven” and with the Knowledge Tower project at the Jiulong Lake as a start, we will implement investment, construction and operation of district cooling and heating solutions centred on the smart micro-grids layout, promote the development of smart energy businesses in GKC and gradually extend to GBA, so as to achieve synergistic improvement of commercial value, corporate benefits and social effects, and jointly create another successful model of ChinaSingapore collaboration."

Raffles City Chongqing, where SP Group operates its advanced energy-efficient cooling and heating system, commenced operations in September 2019. SP’s cooling operations enabled Raffles City Chongqing to reduce energy consumption by more than 40 per cent savings, compared to conventional building chiller plants.

SP designed and operates the world’s largest underground district cooling system at Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial district. Besides achieving substantial energy efficiency, the Marina Bay district cooling network achieved 100% reliability for 13 consecutive years, since it commenced operations in 2006.



(新加坡、中国,2020 年 8 月 31 日)新加坡能源集团(SP Group)今天宣布与中新广州 知识城投资开发有限公司(简称“知识城合资公司”)签署合作协议,双方成立合资企业 开发区域供冷供热及综合能源解决方案,帮助中新广州知识城(简称“知识城”)实现节 能减排目标。

新加坡能源集团总裁黄天源和知识城合资公司总裁陈长新在新加坡-广东合作理事会(简 称“新粤合作理事会”)第十一次会议上签署了该合资协议。广东省省长马兴瑞先生和新 加坡交通部长王乙康先生分别在广州和新加坡主持了此次线上视频会议。

按照协议,新加坡能源集团与知识城合资公司将共同开发知识城九龙湖“知识塔”片区的 区域供冷供热解决方案。同时,借助新能源集团在能源领域的经验和技术,双方还将关注 一体化能源解决方案,如分布式能源、储能、能效管理及整合能源管理系统等方面。下一 阶段,这些技术将拓展到广州知识城“中新国际科技创新合作示范区”的其他项目中,使 更多客户受益于能耗和成本的大幅下降。这也将为知识城和广州市更清洁、可持续的能源 事业发展助力。

新加坡能源集团总裁黄天源先生说:“我们创新的技术和营运为重庆来福士和新加坡滨海 湾的客户节约了百分之四十的能耗。新加坡能源集团希望能够通过这次中新广州知识城的 合作,用我们的智慧可持续能源解决方案,继续支持中国的生态文明和‘美丽中国’2建 设,实现低碳和可持续发展的未来。”

知识城合资公司总裁陈长新说:“这个合资企业的建立正值中新建交 30 周年和广州知识 城成立 10 周年,对于知识城智慧能源产业发展来说有着里程碑式的意义。我们将坚持 ‘政府引导、企业先行、市场化运作’的原则,以九龙湖知识塔项目为起点,围绕智能微 网布局实施区域制冷和供热解决方案的投资、建设和运营。”陈长新表示,双方还将持续 提升知识城智慧能源产业发展水平,并将成功经验推广至粤港澳大湾区,从而实现商业价 值、企业效益和社会效应的协同提高,共同打造中新合作的又一成功典范。

新加坡能源集团在新加坡滨海湾金融区设计打造了世界上最大的地下区域供冷系统。该系 统自 2006 年投入运营以来已连续十三年实现 100%的可靠性。2019 年 9 月正式营业的重庆 来福士广场也采用了新能源集团的尖端高效节能供冷供热系统,实现了高达40%以上的节 能效果。新加坡能源集团将以中新广州知识城合作项目为契机,为中国持续带来高效节能 的解决方案,助力“美丽中国”建设。