News Release

Advisory on Recruitment and Impersonation Scams

Singapore, 31 October 2023 – SP Group (SP) has been alerted to cases of parties fraudulently claiming affiliation with SP Group, and contacting members of the public with fictitious job offers and/or investment opportunities, including investments in the crypto or renewables industry. Such platforms may bear the SP logo and related images and information.

We understand these parties may have reached out to the public through social media channels, including Facebook and Telegram. They may also share invitation links with requests for sums of money to be transferred for employment and investment opportunities in renewable energy. Members of the public may also be invited to download malicious applications and/or make monetary transfers after registering an account.

These are scams, and such sites are not associated with SP Group or our operations. SP Group does not require candidates to pay any amount of money as part of the recruitment or job placement process. SP Group also does not market investment opportunities through social media.

The public is advised to remain vigilant against such scams and not provide personal information, including bank account or credit card details, to suspicious or unknown parties.

Individuals who encounter such websites, mobile apps and/or group chats claiming to be SP Group should:

  1. Visit our official websites -, or - to verify information authenticity; and
  2. For career opportunities, check against our website and apply directly through
  3. Consider lodging a police report if monetary transactions have been made.