SP Group to roll out Singapore’s first large-scale smart water metering system


SP Group will roll out Singapore’s first large-scale smart water metering project following the award by National Water Agency PUB to supply, install and manage some 300,000 smart water meters across seven locations island-wide. The contract was awarded to SP Services Limited, a subsidiary of SP Group, through an open tender exercise.

With SP operating and maintaining Singapore’s current smart electricity metering system, the award of this smart water metering project will forge synergies in creating a smart utility and grid of the future. This builds on SP’s track record of establishing and operating the nation’s island-wide smart electricity metering system.

Coupled with a long-standing partnership with PUB, SP is well-positioned to enhance the value of services to customers and contribute to advancing Singapore’s smart nation initiative across all utilities services.

With smart water meters, customers can access near real-time consumption data to better manage and make decisions in respect of their water usage. Currently, customers on the nationwide smart electricity meter network are already benefitting from this feature. To date, SP has installed more than 500,000 smart electricity meters across Singapore and is on track to complete installation for all 1.4 million households by 2024.

Besides installing the smart water meters from early 2022, SP will operate and maintain the metering system for 15 years. The smart water meters will connect wirelessly to SP’s existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to transmit meter information. SP can also leverage its existing AMI network to scale up future deployment of the smart water meters.