About The Project

Transmission Cable Tunnel Project

SP Group operates the country’s grid network, ensuring that the 1.3 million industrial, commercial and residential customers benefit from a reliable electricity transmission and distribution system.

With rapid growth and urbanisation of Singapore’s economy and society, demand for power supply has increased and there is a need to build a more sustainable solution to the ongoing upgrading and renewal of our grid infrastructure.

To meet future needs, SP Group is undertaking this infrastructure project to ensure the continued reliability and security of the network.

The construction of transmission cable tunnels is the long-term solution for the future of our power supply. It will allow us to efficiently install and quickly replace underground cables and meet the increasing demand for power supply.

The construction of the cable tunnel infrastructure will commence in 2013 and is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Upon completion, the cable tunnels will ensure the reliability and security of our electricity network in Singapore, maintaining our electricity grid in Singapore as one of the best performing networks in the world.

The contractors who have been appointed for this project are:

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Source: WorleyParsons Ltd

3D View of a Completed Cable Tunnel

Two tunnels, one running North-South and another East-West and measuring a total of 35km in length, will be built 60 metres underground. The tunnels are designed to facilitate faster and more efficient maintenance and replacement of existing and future cables. The frequency of road-digging works (for future cable replacement and repair) will be minimised, resulting in less traffic congestion and disruption to the public.