Building Singapore’s first digital twin for the national power grid

SP Group (SP), the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and the Science and Technology Policy and Plans Office (S&TPPO) under the Prime Minister’s Office is developing a “digital twin”, or virtual representation of Singapore’s physical power grid assets and network to improve the reliability of its electricity supply and support the deployment of cleaner energy sources. The digital twin will provide a more comprehensive overview of Singapore’s power grid assets and network. It comprises two key models that can assess the health of power grid assets and the impact of connecting new energy sources and consumers to the grid.

A dashboard providing an overview of Asset Health and Criticality Index for the Distribution Network.

Key benefits of the Grid Digital Twin include improving network planning analysis and remote monitoring of asset conditions. This saves manpower resources in carrying out extensive physical inspections. As the Grid Digital Twin provides a more holistic model of the grid, it can facilitate planning of infrastructure for different needs such as the installation of electric vehicle chargers, and the connection of solar photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems.

— 27 October 2021

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