Using GET™ to help Mercatus digitally manage their tenant utilities

Dashboard view of GET™ TenantCare, which provides Mercatus with insights on utility usage data.

SP Group (SP) is partnering Mercatus Co-operative Limited (Mercatus) to deploy SP Digital’s Green Energy Tech (GET™) solutions to Mercatus’ properties at AMK Hub, One Marina Boulevard and Jurong Point. SP’s digital solutions will help Mercatus enhance its operational efficiency, enabling it to deliver greater value to its tenants while advancing its own sustainability agenda.

SP will deploy GET™ Insights and GET™ TenantCare to provide Mercatus with a more seamless utilities management experience while it makes informed decisions relating to building performance, sustainability and occupant well-being. GET™ Insights will also enable Mercatus to integrate different building systems and diverse data sources for an overview of the energy aspects of the three buildings. This will help Mercatus identify and forecast usage patterns as well as detect anomalies early to prevent wastage.

As GET™ TenantCare leverages Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SP has deployed an AMI consisting of more than 700 smart electricity meters at the three Mercatus properties. With the smart meters’ capability of real time and advanced monitoring, along with the cloud-based tenant utilities management software, Mercatus can then translate the data into actionable insights to uncover potential pathways to boost energy efficiency.

Through SP’s suite of digital solutions, tenants can look forward to greater convenience and a more seamless approach when engaging with Mercatus, contributing to a stronger landlord-tenant relationship.

More details in the media release here.

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