Developing the digital core of sustainable energy solutions

After 13 years at SP Group (SP), Ibrahim Ghouth Wu still vividly recalls how he was blown away by the complexity of our electricity network system when he toured the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) centre during staff orientation.

“I remember being in awe of its scale! There is a lot of engineering technology in the systems and behind-the-scenes upgrading and maintenance work that are not easily appreciated by the man on the street. After joining SP, I have newfound respect for the strong work ethic and standards upheld by our staff.”

Ibrahim Ghouth Wu, Infrastructure and Platforms Lead at SP Digital.

Ibrahim first started as a Senior Systems Engineer in IT Operations, ensuring that servers and systems operated 24/7 to support activities like the daily generation of utilities bills. Today, the scope of his work as Infrastructure and Platforms Lead at SP Digital (SPD) has changed and expanded. Ibrahim now develops and manages all the central platforms and systems that power the SP Utilities app, commercial solutions, and internal projects for SP.

“While emerging technologies like cloud computing present flexibility on scaling up systems, it doesn’t eliminate challenges such as cyber security threats and downtime. In today’s world, we constantly challenge ourselves to think ahead and move faster to cater to customers’ evolving digital needs. At the same time, we have to ensure system upgrades, recovery and contingency plans are always in place to reduce any customer impact.

Besides platform management, Ibrahim also takes charge of centralised quality assurance checks across all products for a consistent customer experience.

“Instead of deploying manpower for physical mobile app testing, we write software to automate the process, improving productivity and eradicating human error. To provide the best customer experience, vigorous testing and security checks are conducted before any app updates can be released to our users. This is done early in the development and coding cycles to find bugs as soon as possible.”

Ibrahim and his colleague, Senior Software Engineer Wong Yat Hong working on monitoring of cloud systems.

While Ibrahim’s current role does not require him to do intensive coding, he is excited about the recent Green Energy Tech (GETTM) product rolled out by SPD. He was involved in the initial development and architecture of GETTM TenantCare solution for commercial customers to optimise energy usage and achieve cost savings. This solution is currently used by one of the premier aviation transportation hubs in the world and a leading university in Singapore.

“GETTM offers commercial solutions to companies handling large amounts of data to better manage their energy usage and solutions. I’m definitely proud that I was able to contribute towards its development.”

Ibrahim and his children bonding over a game.

Back home, Ibrahim is an avid video game player, and he often invites his two young sons to join him for a game or two on the PlayStation and Nintendo switch during playtime. Fellow gamer dads will agree that such engagement work for parent-child bonding! 

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